The Proposals

Northern Section – Create Yorkshire

This area is set to be suitable for occupation by a creative, digital or media business and has been designed on the basis of known operator requirements. Paragon Creative, who featured as part of our public consultation, are typical of the type of creative business we want to attract to Create Yorkshire. This section would make use of ‘green infrastructure’, with a central campus park at its heart.


We are also looking to provide overnight accommodation, specifically for people using the creative hub and film studios.


The new buildings in the Create Yorkshire area will range in size, from large units, to smaller units suitable for start-up businesses.


Create Yorkshire will need to be subject to Reserved Matters planning permissions - meaning that we will require approval of their scale and appearance as these subsequent parcels come forward. But the overall design ethos and landscape framework will be fixed by the scheme masterplan for the site.



Southern Section – Studios

This section would be a studio area for commercial film-making. Currently Hangar 1 is used by Mammoth Screen for Victoria, along with the workshops and stores, which are being used as TV production facilities.


The re-clad Hangar 2 and Hangar 3 would be converted permanently into further TV and film studios (termed ‘stages’) and additional built space could be provided within this studio area.


Alongside this is retained aviation structures, in an ‘aviation hub’ that would operate in association with the runways and taxiways.


Since consulting with the local community, a number of amendments have been made. However a full copy of our Public Consultation Exhibition Boards from November 2017 is available to download here.

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