Access and Transport

A full Transport Assessment will be undertaken to support the planning application.


The Transport Assessment will assess the implications of the development proposals on the surrounding transport network and identify appropriate interventions in order to limit the impact of the scheme.


The Transport Assessment will also consider how public transport can be best utilised and this is being discussed with North Yorkshire County Highways.


At this stage, we are proposing to access the Create Yorkshire development via our existing northern access off Busk Lane which will be upgraded as part of the proposals and the studios will be served from the main access as per the existing situation.


Within the site, a hierarchy of vehicular routes will be provided which will connect the various elements of the scheme. We will include pedestrian and cycle routes on key desire lines across the site along with connections between Create Yorkshire and the existing Studios site.


The Transport Assessment will consider vehicle routing for employees, deliveries and construction traffic movements. It will also consider appropriate hours of operation in relation to delivery and construction vehicle movements.


A Framework Travel Plan will be submitted in support of the outline element of the proposals which will identify a series of measures in order to promote sustainable modes of transport, for example to encourage walking and cycling from the train stations.


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